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"Unfinished Business"

Rundown: When she unexpectedly arrives in heaven, the successful young businesswoman barters with her “angel mentor” for a second chance at life.

Themes: life enjoyment, hustle culture, living in the present, regret


"Don't Forget The Bread Tag"

Rundown: Shan and Armando move in together in hopes of taking their relationship to the next level. Shan questions the fate of the relationship based on a variety or Armando's... "short-comings"

Themes: Relationships, acceptance, having tough conversations


"Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty"

Rundown: Best friends, Maya and Danielle debate a birthday guestlist over brunch. 

Themes: friendship loyalty, compromise becoming sacrifice


"Chasing Perfect"

Rundown: After leaving Trevor at the alter, the couple discuss Annalise’s reservations about marriage (to Trevor)

Themes: relationships, finding the "right one", marriage


"IG Intervention"

Rundown: A family intervention about an Instagram page sparks an important conversation between sisters.

Themes: transitioning relationships, parenthood as separate from identity, the struggles of being a new mom


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My casual takes on pop culture, life, career, and relationships. There's a little bit of everything in here. Enter at your own risk, babygurl


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"What A Wonderful World"

Description: When out for a nighttime walk, siblings Greta and Grobel fall into a sinkhole, landing in another world/dimension. To get back home, they must complete a dreaded deed. 

Themes: humanity, trust, instincts


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Description: Lessons learned through failed dates, relationships, and situationships. From funny lighthearted stories to some straight up fuck-shit, I'm sure there's something for any reader to take away! 

Themes: dating, love, personal growth, coming of age, reflection


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