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Wear Their Name, Say Their Name, Tell Their Story

The intention of “The Names We Wear” collection is to initiate conversations and ignite education. Tshirts adorned in the names of those whose lives were brutally taken, serve as a reminder of where we are today, as a race, as a society, and as a culture. From the highly publicized names to the names we’ve never heard - wear their name, say their name. ​

Each shirt is being sold at cost ($5). The names are randomly selected, it is up to you to research the name, learn their story, and share their story whenever possible. If using social media, snap a pic, and use your caption area, don't forget to tag us so we can share with the community. All donations go towards the National Bailout Fund

One of the many ways to support the cause is by not allowing the murders of black people to go unnoticed. The purpose of the legacy shirts is to create and continue conversations as well as educate and influence accountability. 


Q: What are the shirt details?

A: All shirts are black Gildan 100% cotton

Q: How should I choose my size?

A: Shirts are MENS Gildan, please keep this in mind, here's a link to their sizing chart

Q: Do you offer shirts in other colours?

A: No, all black everything

Q: What is the size of the print?

A: Each name is 7 inches wide, height is determined by the amount of letters in their name. Usually averages 0.5-0.75 inches, it's perfect sizing. Peep the photo, it's 2 of the actual shirts

Q: Where is the placement of the name on each shirt?

A: Placement is higher than normal for a reason, it's exactly 1.5 inch below the collar, say it with your chest

Q: What name will I get on my shirt?

A: Names on each shirt are randomly printed, each name is the name of a person who has had their lives taken

Q: How do you print the names onto the shirts?

A: Names are heat pressed on using white vinyl

Q: How do I care for the shirt?

A: Turn inside out and wash as normal

Q: Can I choose the name on my shirt?

A: There are no guarantees, but leave a note in the note section of your order ;)

Q: How do I know the proceeds have in fact been donated?

A: Blog updates and follow on Instagram for screenshots 

Q: How long does it take me to get my order?

A: If doing curbside pick up, you can pick up your order every Friday between 1pm-3pm. Shipping orders usually take 2 days to prepare and 2-3 days to ship

Q: Is shipping included in the order?

A: No. Shipping on t-shirts is a $10 flat rate in Canada. Once they weigh that shit at the post office any leftover funds will simply be added to your donation

Q: What if I order multiple shirts, will the shipping cost change?

A: Yes it will, because shipping is based on size and weight. The checkout process will let you know how much shipping will be

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