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Some wild things have been happening to the Asian Community, and while I can sadly say that I'm not shocked, I'd also like to add that it's all the way fucked up.

Dope Haus is a community made of only the DOPEST women (and some really dope men), we would be remiss to not pull up in a moment like this. 

The "Pull Up Shop" will operate for four days (March 25-28, 2021) and a final donation will be made to "Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta". Our donation will be submitted on March 28th, at 9pm EST. As always, ACCOUNTABILTY! All donor initials will be listed on the website (along with donation amount) AND on a social media closing post. 

Donations will be collected through the sales.. NOT just the "profits", the entire sale. Here's how it works:

1. Choose any of the greeting cards below (each listed at $0)

2. Choose a donation amount that works for you

3. OR choose a phone wallpaper for a $5 donation

3. Add to cart!

Simple, right? 

Love, always. Always, love.

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Q: What if I just want to donate, but don't want any product?

A: You can donate directly to the organization using this link HERE

Q: Why "Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta" to donate to?

A: Honestly, I did a ton of research. There were actually a few other organizations I really liked, but the common messaging was, "donate to Atlanta, because they're the most in need". 

Q: What took so long? 

A: I take pride in knowing when to shut the fuck up, but I take more pride in being able to identify feelings of dissonance. At first, I was insecure, and worried about coming off as disingenuous - like I was only doing it for the hype. Either way, I was going to donate. Dope Haus has been politically outspoken since I started, and I thought my stance needed to be known. Silence doesn't cut it, not in this case.

Q: What are YOU contributing?

A: Great question, I will be covering all of the product costs (paper, printing, envelopes) as well as shipping costs. Once I have the final donation I always like to top it off to an even number using my own cash.

Q: How will I know that you actually donate the money?

A: I will share the donation receipt here on the website, and social media (click here) along with your initials and donation amount.

Q: How will Dope Haus continue support after this one fundraiser?

A: Another great question - I'm always open to collaborations and ideas. If you've been with Dope Haus for a while, you'd know that every quarter or so, I do something for community. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see, you can always email or DM (email is better because I actually see them come straight into my phone)

Q: What inspired the designs and look of the collection?

A: A ton. I was inspired by solidarity, female connection (muted colours), and strength/hardness (you'll see that in the fonts). I also wanted this to be uplifting and encourage love - none of the cards are themed for birthdays  or any of that, they're "just because". Never forget to tell your people that you've got their backs. The phone lock screens were simply designed to remind you to love your self and take no shit.

Q: Will the items be moved to the main shop once the fundraiser wraps up?

A: The honest answer is, "who the heck knows?" lol

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We did it!! Together, the Dope Haus Community has raised $234.05CAD, which converts to $185.73USD. The final donation to Asian Americans Advancing Justice was $200USD ($258.69CAD). Thank you everyone, I love you, I love you, I love you! 

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