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"Take No Shit, Give No Fucks" - Phone Lock Screen

"Take No Shit, Give No Fucks" - Phone Lock Screen


Solange will ALWAYS embody the act of taking no shit! Give this card to any Solange lover, a friend who's going through some real shit, or just to make a point. Another thing you can do is cut your card in half and use the picture as wall decor (thank me later)



1. Choose the wallpaper you like

2. Once purchase is complete, you will receive an email with the photo file

3. Save photo to your device (it will save to your "files", simply move it to "photos")

4. Go to settings>wallpaper>choose new wallpaper>photos

5. Select wallpaper and zoom to preferred size

6. Set as wallpaper, screensaver, or both


These files are high resolution and zoomed out so that you can size according to personal preference :) 

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