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Wit' Yo Dry Ass Skin: DIY Moisture-Locking Body Butter

It's got to be a combination of the excessive hand washing and winter skin that has my shit all the way fucked up. Spring is basically here, the birds are chirping, and it's time to show that skiiiiinnnnnn!!

Moisture is key, and I'm not talking about that topical stuff you get at Walmart (although I do stan a good Nivea product). Making your own body butter isn't as daunting of a task as you'd think, so let's jump in with your shopping list:

- 100% Pure Shea Butter

- 100% Pure Cocoa Butter (and no.. not that bullshit your parents used to buy, you need the real deal stuff. It's a tad expensive but lasts long and is totally worth it)

- Coconut oil (solid or liquid) or any oil of your choice (Grapeseed, Avocado, Jojoba, Almond, it's up to you)

Optional: Essential oils for scent (I looooove mixing peppermint and lavender)

In a small pot, measure out:

- 2 parts Shea Butter

- 1 part Cocoa Butter

- Half part oil

- 10-30 drops essential oil (depending on size of your batch, oil type, and how strong you want the scent blah blah blah)

Step 1: Boil a pot of water (don't fill it up all the way, but just enough so your small pot and sit on top of the water) - we'll be double boiling boo.

Step 2: Once your water is boiling, hold the small pot (with all of your ingredients) on top of the boiling water (careful not to get any water inside of your small pot). Also, don't burn your little fin-geys, wear an oven mitt.

Step 3: Stir ingredients with small silicone spatula to cut down on melting time. (Pro tip: if you break the chunks into smaller sizes beforehand, they'll melt faster).

Step 4: Leave pot in the fridge for 30 minutes or until top layer ONLY is semi-solid. Set an alarm to make sure you don't forget. I've fucked it up more than once by missing this essential step. Don't be like me.

Step 5: Use your hand mixer on medium-high speed to beat your body butter for 10 minutes, it sounds like a lot of time, but totally necessary. Stop every 2-3 minutes to scrape the sides of your pot, ensuring everything gets mixed properly.

You'll notice that as you continue mixing, the liquid slowly adopts a buttery texture.

Step 6: Using your silicone spatula, carefully spoon your body butter into a glass jar and enjoy!

Tip and Tricks:

- As you're mixing, you can adjust your essential oils for stronger scent

- For best storage, use a shallow glass jar so you can dig in easily

- When your body butter gets extremely cold it will slightly harden - try your best to keep it at room temperature

- For best results, use body butter straight out of the shower, with damp skin, this will lock in the moisture

- Have a smaller container on hand for extras that you can give to a friend in need (I'm sure you already have someone in mind)

- If you're using peppermint or tea tree essential oils, be careful around the "pretty-kitty" (your private areas)

Please feel free to share any useful adaptations in the comment section below to conquer ashy skin, one elbow at a time.

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