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Valentines Day.. Taking It Easy On The Pockets! *Cha-Ching*

There are far more pressing things in life than Valentines Day, I mean hellooo. If you’re anything like me, although you want to participate in the festivities, you’re unabashedly unwilling to break the bank.

Some life saving content below babygirl:

1. Swap out the fancy restaurant for take out/order in. Another option is to prepare a home cooked meal together (how cute, right?)

2. Opt for an experiential gift instead of buying into the consumerism. A mini-getaway, daytime movie, escape room, or even a couples massage.

PRO TIP: If you have benefits/coverage through your work the massage can be free or at least close to free. Work smart, not hard ;)

3. Ensure the right assortment of “set the mood” snacks - think finger foods, nothing too heavy. Keep in mind foods that make you feel bloated/gassy and avoid them like the plague.

4. Create a playlist to set the vibe, there are literally tons of options on Spotify. YouTube also has some very thoughtfully curated playlists of your faves.

5. Save space for “sexy time”, you are breakfast in bed

Whatever you do, DO NOT overthink this, simplicity is key. Just be organized and prepared. Happy Valentines Boo!

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