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The Power of Letting Go

Updated: Oct 21

Three things about me:

  1. I love a good moment of control - I’d like to think that I’m not overbearing, but I value feeling prepared and having an agenda/plan

  2. I often operate from a stance of input = output and will be persistent as fuck (which sometimes works in my favour and other times proves to be a waste)

  3. I don’t fare well with change - especially in the areas of my life where I feel contentment and overall happiness/satisfaction

Three for three, I’m letting go of each of these habits, loosening the reins and looking forward to the growth that occurs in temporary (or not so temporary) discomfort. From friendships, routines, and relationships to the way I run my businesses, I’m no longer forcing a triangle into a square, I’m no longer a dummy. I know when it’s time to pivot.

Letting Go: It's Not about Cutting Off, It's about Embracing

When I talk about letting go, it's important to clarify that it doesn't mean leaving or cutting people/things off on some cold turkey, “eat my dust”-type shit. It's about loosening the grip of control and releasing the weight of expectations. Expectations need to be re-visited, reassessed, and re-aligned seasonally. As circumstances shift, expectations must follow suit.

Paying Attention to Life's Cues

One of the keys to letting go is paying attention to the cues life presents us with. I’ve said this a million times; in life we all have our “stories'' and along the way, we pick up evidence that supports our stories. For the most part, the evidence that stands out to us is the evidence that is in alignment with our “stories”. Let go of the story, find quiet, try to be as objective and open as possible because the universe whispers, it does not shout. Are there friends that you just don’t connect with anymore? Maybe the conversations seem surface-level and almost like a chore - this is a cue.

Pay attention to the details and look for patterns, compare and contrast - some things are spelled out clearly while others have jumbled letters to offer. A jumbled pile of letters isn’t a bad thing, it’s simply an opportunity for growth through challenge/adventure.

Seeking Quiet in a Symphony of Chaos

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding moments of quiet can be tough. Personally, quiet is so uncomfortable for me, you’ll never catch me not with my headphones in, or having a show playing in the background, or watching Youtube videos. But to truly embrace the art of letting go, we gotta pause and seek solace in the midst of chaos. Take a deep breath and listen to your symphony within, the keys and notes might be off at first, but keep at it. Even if it’s an unplugged shower where you leave your phone in the bedroom and think of NOTHING, or laying in bed with your thoughts at the beginning or end of your day, or journaling (please start journaling). It's in these moments of quiet that we can reconnect with ourselves and uncover so much.

Navigating the Path of Least Resistance

As we sail through the waters of life, keep an eye out for areas that naturally have less resistance. It's up to us (and intuition/past experiences) to decide if the uneasy waters are truly worth enduring or if they’re a sign to reroute our path. Check for the magical spots where the current flows effortlessly, and the waves work with us, not against us. Recognize, embrace and lean into these spaces.

Embracing Effortlessness

When I was getting ready to make the biggest changes in my life, I said to a friend, “I know things are going to be hard, but I’m ready to struggle and to put in the work”. To which she responded, “who said it has to be hard?”

Mic drop. At that very moment, such a simple statement would change the way I viewed my life forever. All I knew was hard work. I associated input with output, and embraced struggle because in the past, I had overcome so much through struggle. Oddly, I found comfort in the struggle. I believed that if I struggled enough, that I would be rewarded in the end. A mathematical equation and piece of evidence I held closely because it corroborated my “story”.

Everything worth having does not require immense effort and hard work. Let’s let go of the notion that struggle precedes happiness and compensation. Be open to taking the “easy road” when it presents itself. And don’t feel bad about that shit.

It’s Giving “Desperate”

Lastly, it's time to bid farewell to the desperate energy that can act as a repellent to the very things we desire most in life. Instead of clinging tightly with desperation, let go and create space for abundance to flow.

In the meantime, continue to put in the work that will prepare you for the blessings once they present themselves. Happy letting go! See you in the comment section below :)

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- Cas

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