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She's a Motherfucking SUPERSTAR!

why Megan Thee Stallion's new album "Traumazine" stays on repeat

Oh So Dope has officially transitioned into a Meg Thee Stallion Stan community. Forget everything I’ve said in the past. Forgive me, for I knew no better. On this Tuesday, August 16th, I repent. I question all of my decisions and opinions thus far, because this girl knocked it out of the motherfucking park. Do not sleep on this project. You cannot sleep on this project.

After hearing Meg’s bangers sprinkled into my favourite Spotify playlist, I immediately scurried my little ass over to the album with a quickness. Traumazine (which I didn’t even know was a word), is defined as being the fictional chemical that is released in your brain when you're forced to deal with painful emotions caused by traumatic events and experiences.

I cannot think of a more fitting title, given everything this woman has been through these past few years.

Let’s be frank, “female rappers” are KILLING IT! They’re taking over and there’s absolutely nothing that you (or your mans) can do about it. The fact that the music industry continues to categorize “female rap” separately from “rap” is hilarious, and perhaps a defense mechanism. Women are hands down taking charge of the rap genre, releasing waaaay better tracks than men - I said it with my chest, fight me and my B cups. Historically, female rappers have been pit against one another, creating this sick sense of scarcity and competition. If there’s anything that the past few years has shown us, it's that there’s a ton of talented artists and there’s enough for every woman to eat.. twice.

Can I tell you what really gets me off?

Can I tell you what makes this kitty meow?

Can I tell you what gets these juices flowing?

When powerful, talented, dope-ass women work together. Oh good god, somebody catch me, I’m about to fall.

With features from the likes of Latto, Rico Nasty, and Jhene Aiko - you can expect to feel like nothing less than THAT BITCH. The lyricism, flow, and production are A1, top notch; you won’t be disappointed.

End of story, put some respect on Megan’s name.

Real Hot Girl Shit.

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