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Same Equals Same

I don't know what's in the air that has me desiring something different, something meaningful, something more from life. All I know is that it's time for change.

I find myself having the same conversations with people in my life about passions, risk taking, fulfilling "life work", relationships with money, and creating a life that is built on the foundation of positivity, love, and community. Maybe I'm looking for these conversations, maybe it's the universe, who knows! At the core of my being, the directive that refuses to shift is the realization that same equals same.

I think it's important to note that change will not always equal change, I'm not naive to this shit. It's the uncertainty of not knowing how to navigate new waters (or if our work will yield the results we're looking for) that keeps our thoughts wrapped up in the mere daydreams of even dipping our toes in.

Is it the system that's got us? The system that reinforces the idea that we've finally made it? Where "making it" is defined as earning a modest salary, paying into a retirement plan (while they use our money as investments), purchasing a home that we will likely spend the rest of our working years paying off, and contributing to a society that wasn't created for us to thrive. We are the worker bees. We are the middle. We "made it".

For some, that is enough (and that's great!) For others, we say, "fuck that noise".

Ok, so let's start making change. Grab your notepad.

  1. What is going great in your life right now? What just requires maintenance? Where do you want to see "same equals same"?

  2. What areas of your life do you want to change? Even if you don't know what type of change or how much change, write them down - you will gain clarity with time.

  3. Write down your fears - make a big ol' list. What're you afraid of? What is your worst nightmare? Confront that shit, now.

  4. Study your fears. Where do they come from? What kind of weight do they carry? Understand that fearlessness does not mean that you are devoid of fear. Fear will always be there, fear doesn't have to be a bad thing. Get comfortable with fear.

  5. For each fear, write the opposite, best case scenario. Your ideal. For example, I'm afraid of being poor. My response would then be, "you are financially flourishing with money in the bank, assets, and investments; you are okay"

  6. List what changes you want to make in your life, include changes that will positively impact your mental and physical health as well as changes connected to your goals (see #2). Make them small, make them bite sized - we need some wins.

  7. Exercise your self-discipline by integrating one new change per week. You can go faster or slower (regularly do self-audits to figure this out), but it's a marathon baby, not a race. Please start with the smaller ones (eg. I will be waking up an hour earlier starting tomorrow).

This is a working document, keep it handy, review it often. I promise you, even the smallest change (when consistent) has the capability to spill over into other areas of your life, manifesting greatness. Learn to embrace small change, then medium, and then large! Consistency is key. Set yourself up for success. Be kind (to yourself). Forward only, forward always.

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