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One Time For Big Latto!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been consistently in the gym,

therefore browsing more Spotify playlists…

therefore seeing Latto literally everywhere…

therefore realizing just how fucking dope she is…

but I needed to share it with the world (and by “the world”, I mean “my world”)

If you’ve made your way to this blog post, I trust that you and I are kindred spirits of some sort or at the very least, you appreciate my recommendations. For those of you who have yet to bless your eardrums with the musical genius of big mother fuckin’ Latto, there’s no better time to start than now… follow me *tilts head and begins walking towards the light*

I first heard of Latto was back when she went by the rap name “Mulatto” - there was a ton of uproar and controversy because… well… colourism. Obviously, she’s since changed the name, addressed the issue, and continued coming for our necks with her undeniable talent. The 2022 album “777” is gold, complete gold, chefs kiss, MUAHH. I can literally listen to this album front to back, no skips, over and over and over again. Like if this was the early 2000’s, I’d probably have to buy another CD because the original would have so many scratches.

Admittedly, I gravitate towards the faster paced songs, but don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on the slow ones, because bay-beee… those slow ones, they hit in a different way ;) You can expect to feel empowered by her lyrics as well as inspired, Latto’s catalogue has a wide range and she’s definitely not afraid to talk her shit.

In addition to the music, I love watching this woman in interviews, discussing her take on everything from navigating the music industry, to the importance of collaboration, ownership, and women’s rights. She’s open to discourse and can certainly hold her own when voicing her opinions *snaps fingers*. I Love an outspoken queen with just a touch of media training.

Don’t know where to start? Perfect, I gotchu!

My recommendation is to start with the 777 Album (it’s a short listen) and then dive into her older work. Thank me later.


777 Album

Latto Playlist

For my AppleHeads:

777 Album

YouTube Interviews:

W/ Angie Martinez

W/ Billboard

W/ Hollywood Unlocked (Jason Lee)

W/ The Breakfast Club

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