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Insecure Season 3 Recap

We're just two days away from the premiere of Insecure Season 4, which is loooong overdue. Save some time with a season three "" recap. We Got Y'all (see what I did there...)

Episode 1: Better-Like

- Issa is staying with Daniel, and this season literally begins with a bang. As the camera hovers over Daniels bed, he's having sex with an unknown woman who may or may not be Issa... the camera then pans to Issa laying on Daniels couch as witness to the madness

- At work, Issa is on "desk duty", making school check-in calls. She quickly realizes that many schools will not be renewing the "We Got Ya'll" after school program. With a little probing, school administrators express their concerns with a seemingly racist logo, lack of staff diversity, and Euro-centric curriculum - Joanna DOES NOT like that Issa took the liberty of doing this

- Daniel is still on his starving artist shit. Issa has to remind him of boundaries when he tries to kiss her

- Speaking of boundaries, Molly is on some "know better, do better shit" as she draws the line with Dro

- In comes the "party-lyft" and introduction to Nathan (with his fine ass). A fight between Nathan and another passenger ensues, and Nathan ends up running off into the night

- Dro randomly shows up in Molly's condo, he "let himself in" *insert eyeroll*. When she asks for her key back, it becomes a thing, he has a mini hissy fit and walks out.. is this the end of Dro?

Episode 2: Familiar-Like

- Issa is on the hunt for a new place while at work, it becomes apparent that she is quickly outgrowing her job

- Daniel and Issa go to the club in hopes of meeting an artist that Daniel wants to work with. At the door, they run into their old friend Khalil, who is an established producer in the biz. Daniel makes the connection, swallowing his pride and asking to collaborate

- Ending the night, conversation gets real with Issa and Daniel, as he articulates his career frustrations trying to penetrate the music industry

Episode 3: Backwards-Like

- Lines are clearly blurred between Issa and Daniel as they navigate their platonic relationship

- While representing "We Got Y'all" at a career fair, Issa finds herself more interested in other community agencies who seem to be doing more authentic work with young people

- It's Molly's first day at an all-black law firm (how exciting, right?) But she quickly learns that the grass isn't always greener on the other side..

- Daniel and Khalil are finally working together on a beat for popular artist "Spider", Daniel is super headstrong but agrees to present Khalil's version of the beat instead of his own

- When the time comes to present Spider with the beat, Daniel makes a last minute underhanded change, playing his version of the beat, officially burning the bridge with Khalil (what a dumbass)

- Daniel is all about the negative vibes, belittling Issa for her career choices and "not following her passions" (wrong move playa..)

Episode 4: Fresh-Like

- Mirror Bitch is baaaaack!!!!!! Issa moves into her new apartment complex, accepting the role as property manager in exchange for a heavily discounted monthly rent #byedaniel

- Molly is finding it difficult to navigate her new workplace and volunteers to assist her coworkers in hopes of proving her worth

- While on her lunch break, Issa runs into Nathan (lightskin bae from the party-lyft) at the Taco Stand. The two connect as Issa shows him around LA. They discuss past relationships, lived experiences, and childhood (a super cute "fist date" if we can call it that)

- Issa closes out the episode with a boss-ass move, quitting her job

Episode 5: High-Like

- Jobless Issa is spending her time lyft-ing and running errands for Molly in preparation for the friends' trip to Coachella

- Unexpectedly, Issa and the girls run into Nathan and his friends. Living in the moment, the entire group takes Molly (the drug Molly, not the person lol)

- The main priority of Coachella weekend is to see Beyonce (duuhhhhhh), so the crew secure spots on the lawn in advance. Issa and Nathan volunteer to grab drinks and end up on the Ferris Wheel (where things get pretty damn steamy)

- While Nathan and Issa are gettin' busy on the Ferris Wheel, Kelly fights to defend her lawn space - which ends in the group being detained and Kelly getting tased

- The next morning, the girls wake up hungover and disoriented. Issa and Tiffany head to the store to grab water and guess who they run into? Chad and mother-fuckin' Lawrence!!!

Episode 6: Ready-Like

- Issa is inspired by Coachella and decides that she wants to spearhead "cocoa-chella".. like Coachella.. a block party for "chocolaty people"

- Nathans friend, Andrew reveals his interest in Molly, she curves him with a swiftness, but he knows what he wants and he's persistent

- It's apparent that Nathan is genuinely into Issa as he opens up to her and the two discuss possibilities for her "Block Party" idea

- While taking care of shit at her apartment complex (literally, washing dog shit off of the sidewalk), Issa gets a call from Lyft stating that they are launching an investigation into the assault that happened in her car with Nathan, this is where he officially starts ghosting her

- Molly, Issa, and Kelly arrive at Tiffany's baby shower ready to help, when they are confronted with the "crazy crew" aka the party planning committee

- Also at the baby shower, Issa sees Lawrence, and surprisingly things aren't weird. Molly runs into Dro, and things are all sorts of fucked up

- Oh yeah, Dro and Candice are having a baby?!?!

Episode 7: Obsessed-Like

- Every time her phone rings, Issa is hoping it's Nathan... and it never is..

- Andrew finally gets Molly out for a drink, things are going great and she agrees to go on a real date with him the following day - however this date doesn't go very well, ending with Molly abruptly walking out on him (how rude!)

- In a frenzy, Issa convinces Molly to go with her to Andrew and Nathan's place. Masked as an apology, the two get into the house and Issa makes her way to Nathan's bedroom to do some digging

- Issa finally decides to step out of her pity party, block Nathan on all socials and get a head start on the pitch deck for her passion project

Episode 8: Ghost-Like

- Issa is working harder than ever trying to secure sponsors for the block party. She quickly realizes that shit ain't easy on these streets, and retreats back to looking for a conventional job in the non-profit world

- Issa's birthday is approaching and her only request is that things are "drama free"

- Molly prepares a birthday surprise and upon pulling up to Issa's place she sees Nathan approaching (WTF?!). She assertively stops him in his tracks, sending him away without mentioning this to Issa #boybye

- Kelly, Molly and Issa celebrate Issa's 30th at a community movie night - which inspires her to get back on planning the block party. She connects with the event planner, a bad ass woman of colour, who just so happens to be Lawrence's new love interest.. Issa don't know that yet though.. shhhh

- Wrapping up the night, Molly lightheartedly tells Issa about Nathan showing up out of the blue. Issa is upset that Molly didn't give her the opportunity to address the situation on her own

- The episode wraps with Issa hearing Nathan out, but she isn't having his bullshit and send's him a-walkin' baby. She then starts about, finally unpacking her furniture and settling into her new place.

So there you have it, a full, detailed recap of season three. Looking forward to a new season of relatable moments, laughs, and inspiration.

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