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Harlem, Season 2... simply cannot wait!!

What happens when you mix inspirational storylines with a little bit of mess and a whole lot of relatable content? Harlem, a comedy series created by the one and only Tracy Oliver (known for her work on "Girls Trip", "Little", and "First Wives Club") will be debuting the first two episodes of its second season this coming Friday February 3rd.

If you missed season one, now is the time to play catchup, baby! Because, let me tell you… *sips tea*

This series chronicles the adventures of four women in New York as they navigate career, love, life, friendships and inevitable change through uncomfortable circumstances. Main characters, Camille, Tye, Quinn, and Angie represent a wide array of personalities and lifestyles, which brings unique flavour and depth to each episode.

In the first season (no spoilers), we explored the following themes and concepts:

  • Career changes

  • Friendship expectations

  • Romance in the workplace

  • Questioning sexuality

  • The “what if” guy

  • Parental approval (as an adult)

  • Balancing career while trying to maintain a social life

  • Dating as a woman in her 30s

Season one ended with quite the cliffhanger (again, no spoilers, but IYKYK *insert “looking eyes” emoji*). The anticipation of season two has me putting together a comprehensive snack list for my next visit to the grocery store. What I'm looking forward to the most is the necessary (and juicy) discourse that will be taking place in the coming days. Should I start a discord group? LOL

For a season one recap and ALL of the spoilers by Jordan Lyon:

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