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Down In The Valley Where The Girls Get Naked: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Watch "P-Valley"

I had been hearing the buzz around P-Valley for weeks before giving it a go, and let me just say, it surpassed ALL expectations. My main concern was that I wouldn't be able to connect with the content or relate to the storyline, but trust me you won't regret diving into this show. Currently, I'm watching Season 1 for a second time around, because that's what you do when you really like shit lol. Ok, now for the sell.

1. An Interesting Plot

The show takes place in a fictional town called Chucalissa, and depicts the lives of employees and entertainers at a strip club called "The Pynk". From hardcore hustling to domestic violence, this show tells many stories of the lived experience of women. Juicy juicy shit my friends, juicy juicy shit.

2. Women as Bosses

There can be a stigma around strippers/dancers as being weak, hard up for cash, and desperate, but these characters display strength, street smarts, and the importance of meaningful connections between women. Don't get it twisted though, there's plenty of vulnerable moments, however these ladies always come out on top.

3. All-Women Production Team

Simply by the way the stories were told, the lighting, the mood - I knew something was different, and sure enough, this show was written and directed by mostly women!! In fact, there was one ONE man who wrote on episode 7, and that's it. Created by Katori Hall, an adaptation of her play, Pussy Valley. Also, the first episode was directed by Toronto's own Karena Evans.. hello!

4. The Choreography!

The club scenes are guaranteed to have you scrolling through Groupon looking for amateur pole dancing lessons (trust me, I know). These women are strong. Core strength on 100, easily on some Cirque Du Soleil shit. #surfboard Choreography by Jamaica Craft

5. Music

The playlist is FIRE! An entire vibe. It truly seems like a lot of the songs were created for the show in particular, but I ain't mad at it. Turn the lights down and get it poppin'!

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