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Cuffing Season: A Playbook For The Bad Bitch

The transition from summer to Fall is always a hard one, although it does come with its positives... like... hoodie weather, warm beverage takeover, Halloween candy sales on November 1st, and "Cuffing Season".

Cuffing Season: refers to a period of time where single people begin looking for short term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year. Cuffing season usually begins in October and lasts until just after Valentines Day.

Retrieved From Merriam Webster Dictionary,

1. Make your decision sooner than later

Cuffing Season is not mandatory, just know that it's going to be about 5-6 months of potential desert pussy, and that's ohhh-kay!! If you're going to make the most of your cuffing season, make the decision by October 1st at the very latest, and commit to it. If you're unsure, weigh out the pros and cons, be realistic with the resources that have to be poured into this personal project.

2. YOU do the choosing... or relinquish your power by waiting to be chosen

Re-evaluate your standards, sure, but don't drop them, you still have to respect your shit. Please make sure you actually like them enough to tolerate their company. You can even make a party with a few of your girls, list out your visions, and be sure to include your non-negotiables.

3. Set Boundaries

Again, take the lead on this one. Check any and all bullshit at the door. Do they stay the night? Are they meeting your friends/family? Any areas that are out of bounds? All this NEEDS to be handled ahead of time, you can communicate what needs to be communicated and keep it pushin'.

4. Set a Routine

Try your best to set a schedule/routine.. nothing crazy or over the top. If weekends work better, stick to weekends, cuffing season shouldn't be difficult, you want to eliminate all guesswork from the jump. Consider what hook-ups look like, will it be a "one and done" or is there a bit more of structure? Keep your expectations in check.

5. Create a Back Up Plan

Because you don't wanna be left assed out, prepare to surrender a cuffing season partner or to rely on past partners. Your star player shouldn't be your only player, you gotta keep 1-2 on the bench just in case. These bench warmers don't require much maintenance, just a bi-weekly text message check-in.

There you have it! What are YOUR non-negotiables when it comes to a cuffing season partner?

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