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From Tragedy to Triumph: Celebrating Meg Thee Stallion's Independence with "Cobra"

Meg Thee Stallion, has recently left the Hotties gagged with her latest song release, "Cobra." The anticipation for this single was palpable as she teased it for days, using the powerful symbolism of rebirth found in the shedding of a Cobra's skin. In this deeply personal track, Meg Thee Stallion opens up like never before, offering a glimpse into her innermost thoughts, feelings, and insecurities. Meg is rewriting her own story, a prologue of sorts. She is effectively establishing context and intention as a newly independent artist, and we’re here for it.

*licks finger and turns page*

"This Pussy Depressed"

Over the past few years, Madame Stallion has faced unimaginable challenges and hardships. Her innermost circle and support system have been dismantled, as tragedy after tragedy unfolded under the watchful eyes of the public. She has endured the loss of family members, (most devastatingly, her mother who served as her manager), as well as close friends, relationships, and industry alliances. Despite these immense setbacks, Meg has remained standing, a testament to her unwavering strength, will, and belief in self.

"Leave Me Alone in The Dark"

Through her lyrics, she bravely references her struggles with suicide ideation and depression, shedding light on the profound emotional toll these experiences have had on her. Yet, through it all, she stands tall, defying adversity and embodying resilience. The music video is a phenomenal and visual masterpiece that conclusively illustrates her story and strength. Shoutout to Douglas Bernardt (director) who portrays the scrutiny she has faced with the public spectating as she navigates through pain and metamorphosis. Through it all, our girl remains unyielding, and self-reliant.

"Back Outside, Back in Motion"

As Meg re-emerges as an independent artist, she is forging her own path and reclaiming her agency. Her steadfast determination to do things on her own terms is a testament to her tenacity and fervor. The future holds endless possibilities for this woman, and we eagerly await her continued success and growth.


FAQs For The Haters:

Q: The song is so sad, how am I supposed to shake ass to this?

A: This song was not made for ass shaking, babe. Let it be known that Meg is more than a pussy rapper (nothing is wrong with being a pussy rapper). She has something to say, and maybe you ought to listen. But since you wanna drop it low so damn bad, here’s the link to a Meg playlist that will surely have some viable twerk options.

Q: What is she complaining for?

A: Do you live under a rock, or maybe under a bridge? Because you sound like a troll. Let’s not brush over the fact that this woman’s most formative adult years were plagued by trauma and loss that can be amended by no amount of money, fame, or clout.

Q: Free Tory

A: Put a sock in it.

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