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Backin' It Up

So today, my hard drive crashed. Literally everything gone in a snap of the fingers - projects that I've been working on for the past two years... kaput, destroyed, gone FOREVER! (sigh) Let's talk about protection, covering your ass, and always backing it up (not your ass.. your hard drive, back up your hard drive).

1. You should always have 2 hard drives. This, I didn't know. One hard drive to stay at home, the other one intended for portability. Your "at home" hard drive can be more clunky with additional memory, while your "on the go" hard drive can be more sleek and stylish. Ensure important files are on both, and reserve space on your smaller hard drive for projects you'll be working on in the present.

2. Hard Drive Carrying Cases. Invest in one of these. I got two on Amazon for $10, this will help protect your hard drive - especially when you carry it around in your bag every day (guilty).

3. Invest in a good quality hard drive, spend the extra cash, it'll be worth it in the end. Be sure to unplug the adapter cord after use, and store away. When using your hard drive, make sure that you have adequate work space and it will not easily be pushed to the ground.

In the event that your hard drive crashes, or stops working.. giiirl I don't even know what to tell you. Personally, I began looking for quotes (everything ranged from $1000-2500.. actually). I went into the Geek Squad at Best Buy, flashed a smile, they told me minimum $599, and my files weren't even guaranteed. Following my research, I decided to take fate into my own hands.. so I headed over to YouTube, watched a few tutorials, bought a precision screwdriver set, and got to work. Needless to say, my efforts were a total loss. So here I am, sharing my experience in hopes that no one else will have to suffer the same fate as I.

Do you think Home Depot will accept returns on an opened and used screwdriver set?

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