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7 Reasons Why You MUST Watch "I May Destroy You"

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I'm biased - there you have it. Completely, unabashedly biased towards Michaela Coel and her contributions to the entertainment industry... I stan. Which leads us here to discuss her newest art piece, I May Destroy You.


The series follows Arabella (a charismatic writer played by Coel) as she scrambles to meet deadlines imposed by publishers. After being drugged and sexually assaulted, she attempts to navigate through her new reality with the support of her two best friends Kwame and Terry (played by Paapa Essiedu and Weruche Opia).

Why You MUST Watch NOW!

1. Michaela Coel is a brilliant Black Woman, so we're here for it

It's not just about the 2020 political climate, it's about stories that need to be told, seeing people who look like us on our screens and content that we can connect with. The entertainment industry has so many talented women that can truly hold their own, and by supporting their work we are showing the executives that there needs to be more of us in these roles and at tables where decisions are being made.

2. Features the survivor experience and work towards recovery and rehabilitation

It's NOT about the men who assaulted her, the focus is on the survivor - stages and phases, as well as coping mechanisms (both healthy and not so healthy). Not to mention, the difficulties experienced when navigating systems, seeking out basic care and fighting for justice.

3. Relateable characters, content, and connections

There's nothing better than a show you can relate to, a space where you can see yourself, your friends, and characters that look like you. From set design to wardrobe, this show hit it all right on the nail, true authenticity breeds a different level of viewer interest and engagement.

4. The role of the employer in supporting its employees through traumatic life events

Don't even get me started on this one. Many of us (guilty as charged) have put our mental health and physical safety on the line for a paycheque. It's a recurring theme throughout the series as publishers continue to uphold deadlines although they are fully aware of the assault and its impact on Arabella. Despite giving her little leeway to seek therapy (really, the bare minimum), she must bare the burden of her livelihood being on the line.

5. Even though the subject matter is heavy, the series has some memorable comedic moments

If you've watched "Chewing Gum" (one of Coel's earlier projects), you'll know that she's got an awesome sense of humour that permeates through each episode. There were definitely snippets of humour including a very entertaining scene that dives into the taboo conversation of period sex.

6. A production masterpiece

If you're not artsy-fartsy, you're about to be! I'm talking angles, lighting (on the skinnnnnn.. girl...), cuts, edits. Pure brilliance that creates a vibe at the very least.

7. Music be Hot Fiyaaaaaahh

I had my Shazam app ready to go every time I tuned in. The music selection is a MOOD. Lots of talented UK artists whose music only amplified the storytelling process. In fact, I've curated a Spotify Playlist entitled "UK Bad Gyal" and I certainly was inspired by artists featured in this show.

Although I have given you every reason to watch this show, if you have experienced trauma in any way, please tread lightly - this show is very graphic and holds nothing back. Take care of yourself.

If you've already watched, comment your thoughts below. Did I miss anything? What'd you think of the show? Will there be a season 2?!!?!? Girl, I wanna know.

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