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7 Lessons From A Villain (Creed III)

It’s been over two weeks since Creed III premiered, so if you haven’t seen it yet, wtf are you waiting for?

It’s not everyday that we’re introduced to a villain whose motives we can understand and secretly get behind. Introducing Damian, an antagonist who is SO. DARN. EASY. TO. LOVE! I give kudos to the cinematography, the writing, the directorial work, and Jonathan Majors, himself (duhhhhh). Majors seamlessly melted into every facet of this character, nailing the emotions, demeanor and sharp intentions of a man who is back to collect ALL of his things.

The driving force behind Damian is this simple question; “What do you do when someone else is living your life?”

You either sit back and enjoy the show OR you say “Fuck that shit” and move with urgency. At the very least, Damian’s relentlessness can be inspirational to any viewer. For those of you who are:

a.) Still on the fence

b.) Michael B. Jordan "Stans" (girl, me too)

c.) Forever siding with the “good guy”

Here are 7 the life lessons we can learn from our new favorite villain:

1. Nothing is more juicy than a comeback story

I’ll stand ten toes down to say that a comeback story is better than any underdog story. Damian was literally at the top of his game when everything was taken away. To witness this colossal loss and then watch him work his ass off to get it all back?! Someone, pass me the popcorn!

2. Set your standards and goals high

Literally, the personification of the phrase “good is never good enough”. This guy wasn’t interested in being the best in his neighborhood, he wanted the title, the championship! He wanted it all. Can you even?!?!?!

3. Mindset over everything

One thing that seemed completely unwavering, was our villain’s mindset (yes, he is “our villain” now). He fixated on exactly what he wanted and was willing to do anything to get it… which leads us to our next lesson:

4. Know what/who you’re willing to part ways with to reach your goals

Whether it’s a difference in opinions, lifestyles, values or morals - sometimes in life, you have to let go of the “good” to make space for the “great”. Damian knew exactly what was on the line, the losses he would have to endure (relationships and connections) to experience the wins that he longed for (being the “best”).

5. It’s never too late

Despite being told several times that he was simply “too old” to compete, Damian never second guessed himself, not once. He lost his “golden years” to the prison system, yet was able to reintegrate himself as a credible competitor in the face of adversity.

6. Always buy into your own hype

The people who accomplish the wildest things on this earth are the ones who are crazy enough to believe they can, even when the cards are stacked against them. It all starts with believing in yourself. Let that sink in, sweetheart.

7. If you’re buying into your own hype, be prepared to back it up

It’s called “hard work” and “dedication”. Confidence can only take you so far. If you wanna be the champ, you gotta put in that work.

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