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The Dope Haus contribution to Asian Americans Advancing Justice to help with the victims and families impacted by the March 16th, 2021 terrorist attacks in Atlanta. We raised a total donation of $234.05CAD to go towards this cause. Click HERE to see all the deets.


In November 2020, the Dope Haus community banded together to raise money for one east end family from Toronto. We raised $800 through the sales of mini holiday cards. Community members were able to tack on a donation amount of their choice. To see donor initials and amounts, click here. To check out more info from this initiative, click here

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Teen Period


This community initiative was an extension of the "Pussy Power Project". The Dope Haus community worked together to sponsor the periods of four young people from Toronto by providing enough period supplies for ONE full year.

CLICK HERE to learn more and see the outcome

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Pussy Power Project

Building an ecosystem of women who support women

A project that highlighted the female bond like no other. The aim is to encourage meaningful connection among women, removing that transactional bullshit and replacing it with humanity. CLICK HERE to check it out

"The Names We Wear"


*Please Note this collection is no longer available

As a community, we have been taught to define ourselves and others by the names we wear. Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and the likes all represent a lifestyle, a message, a motive, and a story. We choose these names, these names do not choose us. 


The intention of “The Names We Wear” collection is to initiate conversations and ignite education. Tshirts adorned in the names of those whose lives have been brutally taken, serve as a consequential reminder of where we are today, as a race, as a society, and as a culture. From the highly publicized to names we’ve never heard - wear their name, say their name.

How it works: 

- Select your shirt size 

- Select your price ($5 minimum; does not include donation, so wear that shirt loud and proud)

- Select your shipping (curbside pick up available in Toronto) 

- Proceeds will be donated to the National Bail Out



"The Names We Wear" was a project inspired by the 2020 murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Now, this is nothing new. (Police) brutality and extreme violence against black people has existed.. well... for centuries and it's time for that shit to stop.

Each shirt was sold for $5 (the cost of the shirt) and people were given the opportunity to tack on a donation of $5, $10, $20, or $100. In the first week, we raised just under $250CAD and in week two we collected $473.30CAD, all funds were donated to the National Bailout Fund. Click here to see a breakdown of the donations as well as donor initials

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