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nice to meet you

Hey! I’m Cas, a writer and producer from Toronto (I also draw and shit). My main M.O. in life is to create community. I love being in a space where I can inspire real conversations and connections through my art, whether it’s a script I write, a greeting card I illustrate, or a discussion on my audio show. She’s (I’m) a comedy woman at heart who also loves a little drama and a whole lot of crime. Currently, I’m living between Toronto and Los Angeles, putting in the WORK and making dreams come true. 


In addition to adult content, I also write children’s material! I know what you’re thinking, “wtf?” Me too, girl! The funny thing is, I actually started in the children’s entertainment space, and while I love it there, it’s a different type of love. I get to create funny, engaging, and meaningful stories for little people - these pieces of work feed my inner child, but my outer adult craves something more… how do you say it… distinguished. I laugh in the face of chicken nuggets! Somebody, bring me a grilled chicken salad! 


Oh So Dope is quite literally my creative playground. Everything you see on this website is my brain baby (a baby without diapers, daycare and silly food preferences). So grab a cup of something good and explore freely.


I love it here, hope you do too.

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