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It's a Lifestyle, Baby

Growing up isn't a scam, we're just doing it wrong. My name is Cassie and I'm here to connect and compile journeys, experiences, mistakes and missteps. Not your usual suspect in the game, Oh So Dope is a media and lifestyle hub where our stories and voices can be heard and appreciated. From greeting cards and merch to blog posts and bi-weekly podcast episodes talking everything from motivation to mess, I gotchu.


This is for every woman, every underdog, every dreamer, and every doer. Here to add some value to your motherfuckin' life, and that's on PERIODT. Please enjoy the content at your leisure. Be sure to connect on social and sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter below (I respect your privacy.. and that too is on periodt).

Open to connections, open to collaborations, and open to abundance.

Enjoy, xoxo


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