It's a Lifestyle Baby

Growing up isn't a scam, we're just doing it wrong. Dope Haus is here to connect and compile journeys, experiences, mistakes and missteps. We're not your usual suspect in the game though, a lifestyle hub where our voices can be heard and appreciated. From greeting cards that're guaranteed to get a chuckle to DIY decals and digital prints to spruce up your place, we gotchu.


This is for every woman, every underdog, every dreamer, and every doer. Here to add some value to your motherfuckin' life, and that's on PERIODT. Please enjoy the content at your leisure. Be sure to connect with us on social and sign up for our monthly newsletter below (we respect your privacy.. and that too is on periodt).

Open to connections, open to collaborations, and open to abundance.

Enjoy, xoxo

Style Points

All Dope Haus products and designs are inspired by the dichotomy of beauty and harsh language. I mean, when else will you see floral designs used to accent the word "fuck"? Products are meant to be statement pieces, conversation starters if you will.. Add a little style to your next gift or piece of home decor. 

Dope Haus & Mother Nature are Homies

Because of our smaller card sizes, we use 30 percent less paper and materials than some of your faves. Our full sized cards are 4 inches by 5.5 inches, and mini cards measure in at 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. 

Our vinyl decals are often used to re-purpose existing home decor. Since we aren't shipping large products (like canisters, picture frames and other shit you can just get at Ikea), we're able to use less shipping materials as well as keep costs down for the both of us (oh yeah, baby).